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Landsmith Residential Real Estate Services represents Investment Groups, Lending Institutions, Law Firms, and Independent Investors, specializing in valuation, acquisition, and disposition of real property assets.

We advise and consult on matters pertaining to property management, rehab and construction projects, cash for keys settlements, auction bidding, hard money lending, and contracts.

Click the FREE CONSULTATION link for an evaluation of your needs, or just get questions answered.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent valuations, our reccomended list price averages less than 4% above or below the final sale price, our lending institution clients grade us by these numbers. The average Investor can leverage themselves with our team more economically than building thier own team and systems. There are tremendous opportunities in the current real estate market, trends move slower than in the stock market, a knowledgeable investor can realize much higher gains than trading stocks with far less volatility. Call or email and one of our friendly, knowlegable agents will be happy to help, and answer any questions.