Agents all over the country are moving to this new business model because companies like Landsmith Residential Real Estate Services can offer everything the major brands offer at a fraction of the cost by eliminating the bloated organization that YOU end up paying for.

What is left is a streamlined agent-centric model that allows you to be a true entrepreneur and keep the majority of your commission!



Landsmith Residential Real Estate Services will not offer claims of 100% commission because that would be impossible and we refuse to insult your intelligence. What Landsmith Residential will offer is an affordable flat fee program, low E&O Insurance fees with the lowest deductible available in the industry, mentorship program for inexperienced agents, capped transaction fees for high volume producers, and NO monthly fees or hidden charges.

Landsmith Residential Real Estate Services fees break down as follows:

Experienced Associate Licensees, (Three (3) or more transactions completed) will pay broker $995.00 per transaction side and $95.00 toward Errors and Omissions Insurance per transaction side. New Associate Licensees (Less than three (3) transactions completed) will pay broker 40% of the gross commission and $95.00 toward Errors and Omissions Insurance, and a transaction coordinator fee of $295.00 for the first three (3) transactions, then graduate to the Experienced Associate Licensee Schedule. If the sales price in the transaction is over $1,000,000.00 (One Million Dollars), broker compensation is an additional $75.00 for every $100,000 price increment.

If agent represents both sides of a transaction, the following fee adjustments will apply: A $995.00 fee for one sides and $495.00 for the second side for a total of $1490.00, the E&O fee will be raised from $95 to $190 to cover both transactions. Also, the transaction coordinator fee (if applicable) will be raised from $295 to $395 to cover the additional paperwork. Note: If Associate- Licensee is selling their own property, they are not permitted to conduct dual agency transactions by representing the buyer.

Once an Agent has reached 12 transactions in a calender year, the transaction fee is cut in half to $490.00 for transactions 13-20, and after 20 transactions the Agent pays only the E&O fee for the remainder of the calender year.



Landsmith Residential Real Estate Services offers state of the art technology. Our Agent websites are responsive design which means they will format to whatever device the viewer is using from the smallest smart phone to the largest desktop computer and everything in between. Our mobile design also includes a map-based home search tool that offers a link for your clients to save the app on their homescreen and offers a single-click to contact YOU for more info!

Landsmith Residential offers the latest in property marketing systems with single property websites, this gives you the ability to create responsive design websites for your property listings that syndicate to all the major consumer home search engines worldwide 24 hours a day 7 days a week!, or you can create sites to co-market company listings or those of other agents (with permission of course).




  • Single Property Website
  • Virtual Tours 360 Virtual Tours
  • MLS Virtual Tours
  • Personal Marketing Flip book
  • Voice Overs : Personal mp3
  • Open House Calendar
  • Unlimited Photos, Text & Docs
  • Upload Videos, Flash & More
  • Website Hit Reporting Feedback System
  • 100+ Music Clips
  • SEO Compatible
  • Front Page Attention Banners
  • Multi-Layered Security Levels
  • Google Street Views
  • Online Users Guide





Landsmith Residential Real Estate Services trains and develops agents using the "Black Belt Real Estate Agent" training.

The Black Belt Real Estate Agent is designed as a benchmark training program just as you'd find in martial arts instruction. Each of the 11 chapters are identified by their belt ranking and as the reader completes each chapter and can understand the concepts and complete certain tasks, he or she will then advance in belt ranking.


Becoming a Black Belt Real Estate Agent is for anyone who wants to achieve success without compromising quality of service or integrity. This training program is simple and easy to read yet powerful and lasting, and encourages each agent to develop their own style and systems from this solid foundation.

The Black Belt Training is a great way for a new licensee to get off on the right foot, or for an experienced agent to "reboot" and get the systems and habits in place to get on track for lasting success.

The training breaks down as follows:

White Belt- Creating your client database and defining your "Unique Value Proposition"

Gold Belt- Understanding Sales Cycles

Green Belt- Your Fiduciary Responsibility

Purple Belt- Working with Buyers

Blue Belt- Listings Equal Leverage

Advanced Blue Belt- Crafting the Listing Presentation and Calculating the Sellers Net Sheet

Red Belt- Holding an Effective Open House and Neighborhood Farming

Advanced Red Belt- Financing the Real Estate Investment

Brown Belt- Marketing Yourself

Advanced Brown Belt- Handling Objections

Black Belt- Putting it all together and becoming a Qualified, Trusted Advisor.

Black Belt Real Estate Agents can then go on to further their training with The Black Belt Real Estate Agents Guide to subjects such as, Buying at Auction, or Running an Effective Team, and more. It's important to always remain learning based.



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