Landsmith Residential Real Estate Services (established 2010) specializes in residential real estate sales in Southern California, and services Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties. Landsmith Residential represents Investment Groups, Lending Institutions, Law Firms, Independent Investors, and the general public, specializing in valuation, acquisition, and disposition of real property assets, and advises and consults on matters pertaining to property management, rehab and construction projects, cash for keys settlements, auction bidding, hard money lending, and contracts.

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Paying up to 30% of every dollar earned, plus desk and franchise fees, is too much of your hard earned commissions to be giving away. Landsmith Residential adopted the flat rate model and eliminated the hidden fees. The key word is "VALUE" and Landsmith Residential agents see the value in working this new business model. Landsmith Residential gives the Agent the freedom to have an entrepreneurial spirit and build a business that can be leveraged in the future, as well as the resources, training and support to succeed in this highly competitive industry where the vast majority of licensees barely earn a living wage. Please remember that there is no such thing as 100% commission, and when you see those headlines in ads, realize their first approach to you is deceptive and misleading. We at Landsmith Residential believe in Value, Integrity, and Resourcefulness in all of our business dealings.

What sets Landsmith Residential apart from other online brokerages is the personal touch, state of the art marketing materials, and available coaching and accountability. Landsmith Residential has an in-house graphics department and access to high quality, affordable print services. When you join Landsmith Residential you will get a customized state of the art Agent Website and access to custom branded Single property Websites complete with text code call capture for your yard signs, online chat and more! You will also receive access to customized marketing materials including Business Cards, Postcards, Door Hangers, Newsletters, Social Media Content, and much more! All the basic templates are included and you only pay for your own printing charges.

Plug into the business model of the future!

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The Black Belt Real Estate Agent is designed as a benchmark training program just as you'd find in martial arts instruction. Each of the 11 chapters are identified by their belt ranking and as the reader completes each chapter and can understand the concepts and complete certain tasks, he or she will then advance in belt ranking.
Becoming a Black Belt Real Estate Agent is for anyone who wants to achieve success without compromising quality of service or integrity. This training program is simple and easy to read yet powerful and lasting, and encourages each agent to develop their own style and systems from this solid foundation. The Black Belt Training is a great way for a new licensee to get off on the right foot, or for an experienced agent to "reboot" and get the systems and habits in place to get on track for lasting success.

The training breaks down as follows:

White Belt- Creating your client database and defining your "Unique Value Proposition"

Gold Belt- Understanding Sales Cycles

Green Belt- Your Fiduciary Responsibility

Purple Belt- Working with Buyers

Blue Belt- Listings Equal Leverage

Advanced Blue Belt- Crafting the Listing Presentation and Calculating the Sellers Net Sheet

Red Belt- Holding an Effective Open House and Neighborhood Farming

Advanced Red Belt- Financing the Real Estate Investment

Brown Belt- Marketing Yourself

Advanced Brown Belt- Handling Objections

Black Belt- Putting it all together and becoming a Qualified, Trusted Advisor.

Black Belt Real Estate Agents can then go on to further their training with The Black Belt Real Estate Agents Guide to subjects such as, Buying at Auction, or Running an Effective Team, and more. It's important to always remain learning based.

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We have partnered with the best in the business from Title and Escrow Services to Insurance and Lending and more. Our affiliates do more than provide excellent service, they treat us as partners and go the extra mile to help with marketing solutions and more.

Trilogy Escrow services all of Southern California in multiple strategic locations and offers 5 star service!

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A good Title Affiliate is crucial to a successful real estate practice.

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Escrow can't close without homeowners insurance in place. Marim at Farmers Insurance knows what you need and how to dazzle your clients with great service, and Jeremy "That BOX Guy" has a cooperative marketing program that is truly unparalelled!

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With many years of experience in the mortgage banking industry, and extensive practice in originating home loans for both purchase and refinance, Justin Casares is a firm believer in excellent customer service and offers the most competitive pricing.

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Lemonade Stand is the premier 3D Virtual Tour service provider. We provide fast, professional, and friendly 3D virtual tours. The virtual tours we provide are not your typical virtual tours. Check out the example HERE to see the difference in quality.

A Matterport 3D Virtual Tour takes showcasing real estate to a whole new level. This tour gives a dollhouse view and a floor plan view to any piece of real estate. Then you’re able to take your audience inside the property and walk around as if you were there. It’s truly a virtual reality with no other comparison for displaying properties in the market.

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